June 18th 2011

Our journey to RUB BBQ’s was a special one. We were looking for some meat and RUBs had plenty of it. It’s BBQ selection is particular in the way its chicken, ribs and pork is prepared. Their menu even describes the food perfectly, so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Even their drinks are pretty delicious. Light on the liquor, but still goes down with the meal well. A great place to get some grub, late night or otherwise.

Rating: RUB-your-tummy good!

April 11th 2011

This past weekend, we ventured out in Brooklyn, unsure of what type of food we were craving, only that we wanted it fast.

Enter Coco Roco, a cute little space on Smith Street. The friendly host seated us right away, as it was still a little early in the day. Our table was near the back of the restaurant, and we noticed the floor-to-ceiling windows that gave us a view of the outside seating area.

We ordered the Pan con Pollo (chicken) and Pan con Carne (steak) sandwiches, and both were really generous plates. The chicken was well seasoned and tender, and the pork was not overdone. The dressing used on the salad (I think their own unique blend) was a nice touch.

Rating: We’re definitely going back for seconds!

March 23rd 2011

After discovering one of our favorite establishments had been demolished (Farewell Asian Pub/Cooper 35!), we unfortunately had to find another watering hole to park our hungry asses on a beautiful March afternoon. After roaming for about a block or two (hey, we’re lazy!), we decided on Thailand Cafe. Admittedly, $5 drinks sign reeled us in,  so we stepped inside. The place is a bit small, but the tasteful decor and the friendly staff make up for it.

We ordered the Siam Lemonade and the Coconut Cosmo ( $5 each) and they were potent enough to get us where we were going, fast.

We also ordered the cashew nut chicken, and chicken teriyaki, which were both nicely portioned and satisfying for the price (both around $10).

Rating: Loved the cheap drinks and tasty meal. Will repeat.

March 13th 2011

Driving in Brooklyn, we stumbled upon “the place with the flames” and knew we had to go, because we all know that flames equal good. The Tequila Sunrise was potent; I mean, all the tequila at the bottom and the rest on the top. The Baja Buritto was fulling (funny enough, that was a smaller version to a bigger buritto O_o). The BBQ Chicken was tender and the sauce was just enough, while the Ribs were nice and juicy. The California burger was “crack on a bun,” with the guacamole making my taste buds its bitch (aka, it was amazing).

Rating: Flames = good!

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